Theatres: Equity Theatre


5th Avenue Theatre (WCLO)

1326 5th Ave, Suite 735

Seattle, WA 98101

Tel: (206) 625-1418

Fax: (206) 292-9610


5th Avenue Theatre produces 8 to 9 productions of musical revivals, bound-for-Broadway premieres and traveling children's musicals for schools.  5th Ave Theatre is looking for actors who can sing and/or dance.                                        

  • 5th Avenue Theatre casts mainstage musicals by invitation and through company general auditions held in May.  To audition, send a headshot, resume and letter of intent to attend the general auditions, via regular mail (Attn: Casting).                                                                                                                 
  • 5th Avenue Theatre's Adventure Musical Theatre Touring Company  (AMT) performs for local K-8 schools and community centers.  Usually, AMT shows are cast from the company general auditions in May; however, actors who sing and dance may send a headshot and resume with a letter of intent to audition for AMT, via regular mail ( Attn: Casting).                                                                                                                                    
  • Intern and child auditions are held on an as-needed basis.  Click Here for current audition information.      

 N.B. 5th Avenue Theatre encourages people of all ethnic backgrounds as well as Equity and Non-Equity actors to audition.  5th Avenue Theatre operates under the Western Civic Light Opera Agreement.  (See Children's Theatre, Educational Theatre in Schools, Musical Theatre, See Ch. 4 Young Actor: Studios, See Ch.5 In A Supporting Role: Volunteer, Theatre Discounts, See Production Guide: Space)

A Contemporary Theatre/ACT (LORT C Non-Rep, LORT B Non-Rep)

Kreielsheimer Place

700 Union St

Seattle, WA 98101

Tel: (206) 292-7660 ext. 1226

Fax: (206) 292-7670


Contact:  Margaret Layne, Casting Director.  ACT  produces 5 or 6 original contemporary plays each season.

  • Annual Equity auditions for Seattle locals are held between December 1st and February 28.  Click Here for information.
  • Out of town Equity actors may request an audition if visiting  Seattle.  Contact Casting Director Margaret Layne, listed above.  Annual out-of-town  Equity general auditions are scheduled either at ACT or at an out of town liaison theatre and are announced on the Actors' Equity Association web site.                                                 
  • Non-Union general auditions are held quarterly in March, June, September and December.  A non-union actor is only allowed one audition every 6 months unless requested by the casting director.  To audition, visit the ACT ticket office (700 Union Street) between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday, to schedule an appointment.                                                                                    
  • Seven roles for non-union young actors (under 14) are available annually in ACT's holiday production of A Christmas Carol.  The rehearsal and performance commitment lasts from the beginning of November through Christmas Eve.  Auditions are announced on the ACT  and TPS web sites.  (See Production Guide: Space, See Ch. 5 In A Supporting Role: Theatre discounts, Volunteer)

Book-It Repertory Theatre (SPT-4)

Seattle Center

305 Harrison St

Seattle, WA 98109

Tel: (206) 216-0877

Fax: (206) 256-9666


Contact:   Jane Jones & Myra Platt, Artistic Directors.  Book-It adapts 3 to 4 works of prose literature for the stage each season (September-June).   Book-It also hires actors for educational theatre.  General auditions are held in early summer each year; callbacks for specific shows are held in late summer.  Auditions are announced on the Book-It and TPS websites.  Book-it operates under AEA Small Professional Theatre Agreement, Tier 4.  (See Children's Theatre, See Ch. 5 In A Supporting Role: Volunteer)

Seattle Children’s Theatre (TYA)

201 Thomas St

Seattle, WA 98109

Tel: (206) 443-0807


Producing 5 to 8 shows per season, Seattle Children's Theatre is the second largest resident theatre for young audiences in North America.  SCT holds general auditions once a year in the spring; callbacks are held for individual shows.  Auditions are announced on the AEA hotline as well as on the SCT and TPS web sites.   To audition, send a headshot and resume, after auditions are announced, via the SCT audition e-mail listed above (Attn: Casting).  Actors may also send hard copies of headshots and resumes via regular mail (Attn:  Casting).   Rehearsals run Tuesday-Sunday during the day.  Performances are Tuesday-Sunday mornings with evening and matinee performances on the weekends.  SCT operates under an AEA or Young Audiences Agreement.  Actors are paid $625-660 per week.  Click Here for information.  (See Children's Theatre, See ch. 4 Young Actor: Studios, See Ch. 5 In A Supporting Role: Volunteer, Theatre Discounts)

Seattle Public Theater (SPT)

7312 W Greenlake Dr N

Seattle, WA 98103-4816

Admin Tel: (206) 524-1300 ext 10

Box Office Tel: (206) 524-1300 ext 2

Contact: Shana Bestock, Artistic/Education Director. Seattle Public Theatre performs at the Bathhouse Theatre on Green Lake.  Auditions are announced on the SPT website.  SPT operates under AEA Small Professional Theatre Agreement.

Seattle Repertory Theatre (LORT B)

155 Mercer St

PO Box 900923

Seattle, WA 98109

Tel: (206) 443-2210

Fax: (206)443-2379


Seattle Repertory Theatre (The Rep) produces 7 or 8 classics, comedies, dramas, recent Broadway hits and/or new works per season.

  • The Rep attends the TPS general auditions as well as national EPAs and MFA showcases.
  • Equity (AEA) actor auditions are held annually and are announced two weeks ahead of time on the AEA website. Audition appointments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis to Equity members; remaining slots are given to non-union actors.  Rehearsals are held Tuesday - Friday during the day for 4 to 5 weeks.  Performances are Wednesday-Sunday.  The Rep operates under the AEA League of Resident Theatres Agreement B Non-Rep.  Click Here for information.  

Seattle Shakespeare Company (SPT)

PO Box 19595

Seattle, WA 98109-1595

Tel: (206) 733-8228

Fax: (206) 733-8202

Email:  casting

Contact:  Amy Thone, Casting Director.  Seattle Shakespeare Company produces 8 to 9 Shakespearean and/or classical plays per year.  To audition, send a headshot, resume and cover letter through the link listed above after auditions are announced.  SSC holds their own general auditions in the spring.  These are announced on their website as well as on the TPS website.   Rehearsals run Tuesday-Sunday during the day for 4 weeks. Performances are in the afternoon and evening. 

Thalia's Umbrella (SPT)

6519 NE 61st Street

Seattle, WA 98115

Phone: (206) 313-0257



Contact: Terry Edward Moore, Producing Artistic Director. Thalia's Umbrella produces one play a year.

Wooden O (SPT)

C/O Seattle Shakespeare Company

P.O. Box 19595

Seattle, WA 98109-1595

Tel: (206) 274-8471


Contact:  Amy Thone, Casting Director.  Wooden O is the outdoor, traveling arm of The Seattle Shakespeare Company.  Wooden O presemts 2 to 3 Shakespeare plays each summer at several different locations in the Seattle area.  Auditions are in February or March and are announced on the Seattle Shakespeare Company and TPS websites.  Rehearsals begin in early June and are held on weekday evenings and weekend days to equal about 25  hours per week.  Performances begin in early July and run Wednesday-Sunday evenings.  All actors are required to participate in the set-up and break-down of the set.  Non-Union actors are paid about $150 per week and Union actors are paid about $200 per week.  Wooden O operates under the AEA Small Professional Theatre Agreement.  (See Ch. 1 Theatres: Shakespeare Theatre and Summer Stock Theatre.)


East Side

Village Theatre (WCLO)

303 Front St N.

Issaquah, WA 98027

Tel: (425) 392-1942

Fax: (425) 391-3242


Village Theatre produces 6 to 7 musicals per season.  Auditions are announced on the Village Theatre, Actors' Equity and TPS websites.  To audition, send headshot and resume to the address above (Attn: Casting).  Village Theatre  operates under AEA Western Civic Light Opera (WCLO) Agreement. 

(See Ch. 1 Theatres: Musical Theatre)



Artists Repertory Theatre (SPT-8)

1515 SW Morrison

Portland, OR 97205

Tel: (503) 241-9807

Fax: (503) 241-8268


Contact:  Allen Nause, Artistic Director.  Artist Repertory Theatre produces 7 to 8 contemporary, classic and/or new works each year.  ART holds general and production auditions for Equity and Non-Equity actors on a first-come, first-served basis.  ART also attends the PATA regional general auditions.  Auditions are announced on the AEA and PATA websites as well as in  The Oregonian and Willamette Week.  Actors should bring a hard copy of their headshot and resume to the audition.  Click Here for information. ART operates under an Equity SPT- Category 8 Small Professional Theater Agreement.  (See Production Guide: Space)

Portland Center Stage (LORT B Non-Rep)

Gerding Theater at the Armory

128 NW Eleventh Ave

Portland, OR 97209

Tel: (503) 445-3720

Audition hotline: (503) 445-3849


Contact:  Chris Coleman, Artistic Director.  Portland Center Stage produces 10 to 11 classical, contemporary and/or original works each season and hosts an annual playwrights' festival.  Auditions are announced through the PCS hotline, listed above.  Click Here for information.  PCS operates under the AEA League of Resident Theatres Agreement B Non-Rep.  (See Theatre Production Guide: Road Houses)

Profile Theatre Company

PO Box 14845

Portland, OR 97293

Tel: (503) 242-0080

Fax: (503) 235-8089

Third Rail Repertory Theatre (SPT)

PO Box 82389
Portland, OR 97202
Tel: (503) 235-1101

Contact:   John Steinkamp, Permanent Ensemble Member.  Third Rail produces 3 plays per season and is an ensemble-based company which casts from within the company.  Roles that cannot be filled by company members are cast locally.  Third Rail attends the PATA regional general auditions.  TR operates under AEA Small Professional Theatre Agreement.


Greater Oregon

Oregon Shakespeare Festival (AEA LORT B+)
15 S. Pioneer Street
Ashland, OR 97520

Tel: (541) 482-2111

Fax: (541) 482-0446


The Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) is among the oldest and largest non-profit, professional theatres in the USA.  OSF produces 11 plays (Shakespeare, classical and contemporary classics) in an 8 and 1/2 month season. Acting contracts are either 10 months (January through October) or 7 months (April through the mid- October) and involve casting in multiple productions, including understudy roles. To audition, send a headshot and resume to the e-mail address listed above.  Auditions for AEA principals are announced on the AEA website and hotline as well as on the OSF web site.  OSF operates under AEA LORT B+ contract.  (See Ch. 1 Theatres: Shakespeare Theatre)