Young Actor: Youth Studios


5th Avenue Theatre
Mailing Address:
1326 5th Ave, Suite 735
Seattle, WA 98101
Theatre Address:
1308 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
Tel: (206) 625-1418
Orlando Morales:
Contacts: Anya Rudnick, Director of Education & Outreach; Orlando Morales, Director of Rising Star Project and Interns.
5th Avenue Theatre offers a number of educational programs:

  • The Rising Star Project brings youth ages 14-19 into the 5th Avenue to mount full length productions. Guided by a team of theater professionals, students fills roles not only on the stage but also in the marketing, development, producing, creative, and casting departments. Rising Star Project is an educational program offered tuition-free to Washington State students. Participants are responsible for expenses associated with day-to-day transportation and meals.
  • Fridays at the 5th—Especially for high school students with an interest in musical theater, these workshops give students the opportunity to create the characters, sing the songs, learn the choreography, and meet with the cast and crew for the productions on our stage. At each workshop, the participants enjoy a pizza party, see the show, and attend a talkback with the cast after the evening's performance
  • Tech Tuesday is an evening workshop where youth ages 14 to 18 receive a backstage tour and attend a technical rehearsal of current 5th Avenue productions (N.B. This workshop is NOT available for all productions). Youth are also introduced to some of the technical crew and receive dinner and tickets to the evening performance.
  • The 10-Minute Musical Project is a tuition-free education program which connects local students to the process of creating new works in the musical theater genre.
  • Saturday Musical Theatre Classes are dance classes for youth ages 4-18. All classes are taught by professional dancers and choreographers.
  • The Summer Musical Theater School is a 1 week, professional training program for Musical Theatre performance. The school is designed for middle and high school aged youth, and classes are held during the day.

(See Ch.1 Theatres:  Children's Theatre, Equity Theatre, Musical Theatre, & Educational Theatre in Schools.  See Also Ch.5 In A Supporting Role: Volunteer, Theatre Discounts. See Also Theatre Production Guide: Space)

Broadway Bound Children's Theatre

University District

5031 University Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

Tel: (206) 526-5437

Fax: (206) 527-8500


Contact  Jordan Lusink, Secretary.  Broadway Bound offers Musical Theatre education and performance experience for ages 3-25. 

  • The Mainstage Production Program has 3, 12 to 14 week performance programs which rehearse after school for 2 days each week.  The mandatory auditions for winter shows are held in the fall (grades 7-12 in mid-September; grades 1-6 in early to mid-October).   Auditions for spring shows are held in February. The performances run for 2 weekends with evening and matinee show times.
  • The Summer Camp Program offers several week-long, performance and skills-based day camps for ages 6-18.  Classes include improv, singing , dance, stage combat and more.  Registration starts in January. 


Catapult Theatre Project

Seattle Center



Founded by artists from Seattle Rep’s Professional Arts Training Program, Catapult seeks to provide theatrical opportunities for Seattle’s youngest theatre professionals.

Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center

Central District

104 17th Ave S

Seattle, WA 98144

Tel: (206) 386-4631

Fax: (206) 709-7508

Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center offers multi-cultural classes, events and programs. Click Here for information. 


Red Eagle Soaring Native Youth Theatre


Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center

Discovery Park

3801 West Government Way

Seattle, WA 98102

Mailing Address: PO Box 70386

Seattle, WA 98127

Tel: (206) 390-2603


Contact  Fern Renville, Managing Director.  Red Eagle Soaring Native Youth Theatre (RES) provides performing arts education and performance experience for Native American and Alaskan Native youth ages 11-19.  All RES programming and performances are integrated with traditional Native American performing arts such as drumming, singing and storytelling. 

  • Skill Drama Classes are offered after school in the fall for ages 11-19.  
  • The Spring Play for ages 11-19 travels to tribal settings, schools and conferences throughout the Northwest as well as Seattle’s Folklife Festival.
  • The Two-Week Summer Performing Arts Intensive held at Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center culminates in a performance Click Here for enrollment information. 

Seattle Children's Theatre

Seattle Center

Drama School Office

Seattle Center

201 Thomas St
Seattle, WA 98109
Tel: (206) 443-0807 x1186

Email: dramaschool@sct.or.g

Contact  SCT's Education Department

Since its inception in 1975, SCT has gained national and worldwide acclaim as a leading producer of professional theatre, educational programs and new scripts for young people. Seattle Children's Theatre Drama School offers classes for ages 3.5 to 21.

  • October, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mid-Winter and Spring Break camps include skill-building and performance day camps for grades K-12. In addition, 1-day skill seminars for grades 6-12 may be offered during breaks. (Classes vary depending on the break and age group).
  • C.A.S.T. (Creative Arts for Small Thespians) is a school year long program for ages 4-7 which meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings and teaches theatre and life skills.
  • Home-School Acting and Performance Project classes for ages 8-14 take place Tuesday and Thursday morning.
  • School Year Classes provide both skill-building programs for ages 3.5-19. Classes run after school, evenings, and weekend mornings for 10 weeks in both Fall and Winter sessions and 5 weeks in Spring session.
  • Summer Classes are week-long programs for ages 3.5–19 that run from June 12 to August 31. Classes range from creative drama to partnership camps with the Woodland Park Zoo, Pacific Science Center, Aquarium and more to acting, musical theater, improv, and more specialized theatre training.
  • Summer Student Shows for grades 4-12 are announced in mid-December. Auditions are required and occur late March/early April.
  • The Young Actor Institute is a 6-week summer intensive for grades 10 to age 21 which culminates in a performance. The training covers skills such as scene study, voice, movement, dance, singing, stage combat and improvisation. Shows for this program are announced in mid-December and auditions occur late March/early April.

(See Ch.1 Theatres: Children's Theatre, Equity Theatre.  See Also Ch. 5 In A Supporting Role: Volunteer, Theatre Discounts)    

Stone Soup Theatre

1414 North 42nd Street
Seattle, WA 98103

Tel: (206) 633 - 1883


Contact  Carolynne Wilcox, Office Administrator.  Each season, Stone Soup produces 3 Youth Conservatory productions and offers year-round and home school performing arts education for ages 3-16.

  • Year-Round Programs offer both skills and performance-based education for ages 5-16 , 1 day each week, after school, for 6 to 8 weeks.  Click Here for information.

  • Summer Camps are performance-based day camps for youth ages 3-16.  Several camps are offered throughout the Summer from June through August.  Click Here for information.

  • Winter and Spring Break Classes are performance based day-camps for grades K-8.  They are held on weekdays for 1 week.  Click Here for information.

  • Home-School Programs are performance-based classes for youth ages 8-16.  They are held once per week at Stone Soup Theatre from morning until afternoon for 4 months.  Click Here for information.

  • Youth Conservatory productions are for youth ages 8-20.  Auditions are announced on the SST and TPS websites. Rehearsals are held 1 weekday after school and 1 weekend day, but more rehearsal time is added closer to the opening performance date.  Performances run for 2 weekends in evenings.  Click Here for information.

(See Ch.1 Theatres: Non-Union Professional Theatre, Partial Equity Theatre)  

Taproot Theatre


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 30946

Seattle, WA. 981113

Theatre Address:

204 N. 85th Street

Seattle, WA 98103

Tel: (206) 529-3668

Fax: (206)  297-6882


Contact  Suzanne Townsend, Registrar.  Taproot Theatre's Acting Studio is a year-round instructional program for all ages:

  • Pre-school programs offer year-round skills-based classes for ages 3-5.  Classes run 1 morning each week for 6 weeks.  Drop-ins are also welcome. 
  • Year-Round Programs offer both skill and performance based classes for ages 3-18, 1 evening each week for 6 weeks.
  • Vacation Break Camps are performance based, week-long day camps for ages 5-18.
  • Summer Camps are 1 to 2 week-long, performance-based, day camps for ages 3-18 available throughout the summer. 2 week-long summer camps require an audition or pre-requisites.  Auditions are by appointment.  Click Here for information.

Theatre 9/12

Y.E.S Program

First Hill

609 8th Ave

Seattle, WA 98121

Tel:  (206) 790-8583


Contact  Michael LoSasso, Youth Education Studio Director.  Performing arts classes are offered for youth ages 5 to 18 who are serious about acting.  Most classes take place at Trinity Episcopal Church on Mondays and Wednesdays in the late afternoon and evenings.   Click Here  for information.

Variety Plus


8011 Wallingford Ave. N.

Seattle, WA. 98103

Tel: (206) 368-8386


Contact Bob or Angela Cribas. Variety Plus offers performance experience for people ages 6 to adult.  Shows are musical adaptations of children's literature.  Auditions are required.   Click Here for information.  

Young Americans' Theatre Company

Contact: Analiese Guettinger, Artistic Director. Founded in 2008, The Young Americans' Theatre company is Seattle's first entirely youth run theatre company. Every summer YATC produces a full season, including a festival of one acts and two main stage shows. The company's work speaks to, inspires, and provokes discussion within the young Seattle community. Youth interested in acting, directors, technical theatre, and internships are encouraged to contact the company. Calls posted via TPS Audition Listing Service..

Young Shakespeare Workshop

Mailing Address:

6523 California Ave SW, #214
Seattle, WA 98136

Tel: (206) 284-7580


Contact:  Darren Lay, Artistic Director.YSW was founded in 1992. In 2011 it received the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award, the nation's highest honor for after-school and out-of-school arts and humanities programs. The YSW is a tuition free, academic-year and summer program which offers training in a variety of Shakespearean skills for ages 14-19. Younger students are occasionally accepted.

  • The First-Year Program is a 7 week series of week-long classes held for 3 hours each afternoon during the summer which culminate in a performance.  An audition is required (April or May).  
  • The Returning Student Program is for students who have completed the first year program. Returning youth produce and perform a Shakespearean play which travels to both indoor and outdoor venues in the Seattle area during the summer months. The rehearsal period lasts 5 weeks with daily rehearsals held during the week and some weekends. The performance runs for 4-5 weeks with evening and matinee performances on weekends. 
  • During the academic year, YSW works closely with Language Arts teachers to develop various in-class residency models for students studying a Shakespeare play. 
  • During the academic year, YSW offers after-school performance project residencies on-site at public schools. YSW serves high schools that have cut their drama programs. 
  • Workshop announcements posted on TPS Audition Listing Service.

Mercer Island

Stroum Jewish Community Center

Center Stage

3801 East Mercer Way
Mercer Island WA 98040
Tel: (206) 388-0824
Fax: (206) 232-7119


Contact  Deborah Jacoby, Performing Arts Coordinator.  Center Stage offers performing arts education for ages 4 to 18:

  • Summer Performing Arts Camps are three-week-long performance based day-camps for ages 6-18. Classes meet Monday through Friday.  Click Here for information.
  • Year-Round Classes & Workshops are either skills or performance based.  They are offered on weekday mornings (Pre-K to K) or after school and evenings (Pre-K to age 17).  Click Here for information.
  • Production Programs offer youth ages 10- 17 the opportunity to perform in full-scale productions both in the fall and spring. Auditions for the fall production are in early to mid-August, and in January or February for the spring production.  Rehearsals are held on weekdays after school and on Sunday afternoons.  Performances are held on Thursdays and Sundays to accommodate those actors who observe Shabbat on Friday and Saturday. 

Youth Theatre Northwest

P.O. Box 296

Mercer Island, WA 98040

Tel: (206) 232-4145 ext. 106


Contact  Amanda Lee Williams, Education & Outreach Director.  Youth Theatre Northwest offers performing arts education for ages 3 to 18:

  • Early Childhood Programs are skills-based classes for ages 3-5.  They are held once each week, either in the morning or early afternoon, for several weeks.  Children must be fully potty-trained.  Click Here for information.
  • Early Release Mondays is a performance and skills-based program for grades K-2 and 3-5.  They are offered every quarter of the school year on Mondays from 2:30p-3:45.  Bus transportation is available with the YTN registrar.  Youth board the bus at their school at 2:00 pm and are driven to YTN where staff meet and escort them into the theatre.  Click Here for grades K-2 information.  Click Here for grades 3-5 information.
  • Foundations/Preparatory Drama are skills-based classes offered to ages 5-7 one day each week for a series of weeks.  Classes are held after school.  Click Here for information.
  • The Continuing Journey/Continuing Level Drama Classes offer either skills-based or performance-based classes every quarter during weekday evenings or after school for a series of weeks for ages 8-11.  The touring company and performance series require weekday evening and weekend morning commitments, as well as some missed school days.  Click Here for information.
  • The TEEN programming offers performance and backstage experience:
    • The Performance Series for ages 8 and up is a performance-based class held every quarter on one weekday evening and one weekend morning for a series of weeks.  Click Here for information.
    • The Touring Company is a performance-based class held 2 aftenoons per week for ages 9 and up.  The class will require missing some school, as participants perform at local elementary schools.  Auditions are mandatory.  Call to schedule an audition appointment.  Click Here for information.
    • YTN Student Cabaret is a performance-based class for ages 12 and up.  During the intital rehearsal phase, rehearsals are once or twice a week; during the final rehearsal phase (i.e. 2 to 3 weeks prior to the performance), nightly rehearsals are required. For inquiries about scheduling an audition, please call the front desk at (206) 232-4145 x100.  Auditions are mandatory. Click Here for information.
    • Student Stage Manager/Crew is a program where youth age 1o and up participate as back stage crew (e.g. light board operator, sound board operator, running crew) or stage manager for Mainstage productions.  Click Here for information.
  • Customized Classes can be arranged for a group of  6 or more. 


East Side

Studio East
11730 118th Ave NE, Suite 100
Kirkland, WA 98034
Tel: (425) 820-1800
Fax: (425) 820-6622
Contact: Kristina Sutherland Rowell Education Director.
Founded in 1992, Studio East provides a variety of performing arts education opportunities.

  • YAPI, the Young Actor’s Professional Intensive, is our founding program. It consists of 6 weeks of rigorous training in the performing arts during July and August for students age 13-19. Entrance is by audition.
  • After School Classes and Homeschool Classes are offered for grades preK-12 on weekdays and on Saturday mornings.
    ArtReach is a 6 week, after-school musical production program at area elementary and middle schools.
  • Workshops are offered on a variety of topics year-round for all ages, both on weekends and school holidays.
  • School Break Camps are 1 week performance and skills-based day camps for grades 1-8. They are held during the Mid-Winter and Spring breaks for most school districts.
  • The Summer Camp program offers dozens of 1 and 2-week skill-building and performance-based day camps for grades pre-K-12.
  • SE's Mainstage program produces 8-9 youth plays and musicals annually, all of which are audition and tuition based.

Village Theatre

Francis J. Gaudette Theatre

303 Front Street North

Issaquah, WA 98027


Tel: (425) 392-1942 x147


Contact  Suzie Bixler, Education Director.  Village Theatre's Kidstage and Tap programs offer performing arts education:

  • Kidstage (School-Year) classes & camps offer introductory to advanced skills and performance-based classes for pre-K to age 20.  Classes and workshops are held on weekdays after school, in the evenings or Saturday mornings for a series of weeks.  Click Here for information.
  • Kidstage (School-Year) Production Programs teach youth performance and production skills:
    • The Ensemble Group is a performance-based class for grades 4 though 8.  Students practice singing, dancing, acting and character development.  Rehearsals run 2 to 3 afternoons per week with some weekend rehearsals for 6 to 8 weeks.  Auditions and interviews are by appointment.  Click Here for information.
    • The Teen Select Group is an advanced performance-based class where students learn script analysis, character development, choreography and vocal production.  Rehearsals run 2 to 3 afternoons per week with some weekend rehearsals for 6 to 8 weeks.  Auditions and interviews are by appointment.   Click Here for information.
    • The Company Originals Group is a 5-month workshop for advanced performers and writers ages 13 though 20. In collaborattion with professional writers, composers and lyricists, students create an original musical which is presented either as a staged reading or a performance.   Meeting times vary based on the project's needs.  Auditions and interviews are by appointment.   Click Here for information.
  • Kidstage Summer Stock is a performance based program for ages 8 through 18.  Rehearsals run Mondays through Fridays for 4 to 5 hours a day from mid-June to early August (each students' time committments may differ, however).  Auditions are in May.  Click Here for information.           
  • Summer Independent is a mentorship program for ages 13 and up to learn to create a full-scale production.  Students learn every aspect of production, including performing, directing, stage management, set and costume design and construction, sound and lights, and the business of theatre.  Rehearsals are in the evenings, Monday through Friday, from early-June to mid-July.  Auditions are in May.  Click Here for information.                                                                                                                             
  • T.A.P. (Teen Apprentice Program) is a mentorship program.  All  potential T.A.P. participants must complete the  Tap Application Form and interview with a Kidstage stage manager.
    • T.A.P Orchestral Performance is for ages 14 and up.  Students receive instruction and perform with professional orchestral musicians.  Auditions are in May.  Click Here for information.
    • T.A.P. Mainstage Performance. Youth with performance experience, either at Village Theatre or elsewhere, may audition for any Village Theatre Mainstage production. The time committment is 9 weeks.  Click Here for audition information.
    • T.A.P. Production program teaches non-performance theatre skills.  Students are able to study the following:
      • Management--Stage management, production management and technical direction.
      • Direction--Stage direction, choreography and musical direction.
      • Design--Sets, lights, sound, costumes and props
      •  Technical Theatre--Carpentry, painting, props construction, costume construction, lighting and sound and running crew.  Click Here for information.                          
      • Kidstage Junior Instructors Program--Trains students 14 and up to be drama instructors.   Click Here for information. 


Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Performing Arts Theatre School

200 Madison Avenue North

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Tel: (206) 842-4560

Fax: (206) 842-0195


Contact  Victoria Whitlow, Interim Director of Education.  Bainbridge Performing Arts Theatre School offers fall, winter, spring and summer classes for Pre-K through adults.  All levels of experience are welcome:

  • Year-Round Programs offer both skills and performance-based classes for ages 3 to adult.  Most youth classes are held on 1 or 2 weekdays after school for 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Imagination Station is a skills-based class series for pre-school and Kindergarten-age children held on weekdays either in the mornings or afternoons for 6 weeks during each school semester.
  • The Summer Programs are 4-to-5-week-long skill and performance based day-camps for grades 1 though 8 that culminate in a full-scale production.   Camps meets Monday through Friday.    
  • Home School Classes can be set up at your home, or students can be brought to the theatre for class.   Click Here for information.  (Be sure to scroll past videos to see current class schedule).


North Sound

Village Theatre

Everett Performing Arts Center

2710 Wetmore Avenue

Everett, WA 98201


Tel: (425) 257-6371


Contact:  Lisa Nathans, Education Director.  The Year-Round Classes & Camps, KIDSTAGE (School-Year) Production Programs, KIDSTAGE SummerStock, Summer Independent and all T.A.P Programs are also offered at the Village Theatre Everett location.  See main Village Theatre listing above.  Below are programs offered only at the Everett location:

  • The Village Theatre Institute provides skills and performance-based classes after school or in the evenings during the school year for ages 9 to 20.  Students taking the performance track present showcase performances.  Performance students have casting priority in certain Village Theatre Mainstage productions and staged readings.  Auditions are in early September.   Click Here for information.
  • Arts Adventures Pre-School is a skills-based school year program held 2 mornings per week for a series of weeks.  Click Here for Arts Adventures Pre-school information.


South Sound

Tacoma Little Theatre
210 North I Street
Tacoma, WA 98403
Tel: (253) 272-2281

Contact: Chris Serface, Managing Artistic Director.

Tacoma Little Theatre began in 1918 as the Tacoma Chapter of the Drama League of America. Education in the arts was and remains a core part of TLT's mission. TLT offers year-round education to youth of all ages. Consult TLT's website for updated information. (See also Theatres: Community Theatre)


Tacoma Little Theatre offers year-round education to youth ages 8-16.   Click Here for information.  (See Ch. 1 Theatres: Community Theatres)

Capital Playhouse

612 E 4th Ave

Olympia, WA 98501

Tel: (360) 943-2744

Fax: (360) 943-8708


Contact  Jeff Kingsbury, Artistic Director.  Capital Playhouse offers year-round musical theater training to youth and adults:

  • Saturday Performing Arts offers 10-week-long, Saturday morning or afternoon class sessions to ages 8-18 in both fall and winter.  Click Here for information.
  • Technical Theatre Internships offer 10 weeks of hands-on experience in costume design, set-building, lighting, scenic painting and other technical aspects of theatre to ages 14 and up.  Click Here for information.
  • Kids in Koncert, Capital Playhouse's nationally and internationally touring choir for ages 8-18, meets 2 evenings per week from September through April.  Click Here for information.
  • Kids at Play is a 10-week, summer musical theatre performance program for ages 8-16.  5 full-scale musicals are rehearsed, choreographed and performed.  Rehearsals are held Monday through Friday at various times. Technical rehearsals last a couple of  days and are held in the evening, sometimes until midnight.  Performances run Thursday through Saturday evenings with an afternoon matinee on Sunday.  Click Here for information.
  • Tykes Program is a 4 to 5 week summer performance program for ages 5 through 7.  Rehearsals run Monday through Friday.  For the first 2 weeks, Tykes rehearse after school (as school is still in session).  From the third week through the end of the session, rehearsals are held in the mornings.

Creative Theatre Experience

P.O. Box 2192 

Olympia, WA 98507

Tel: (360) 459-2093


Contact Kathy Dorgan, Artistic Director.   Creative Theatre Experience is a non-profit children's theatre offering workshops in theatre, dance, art and music.  All workshops finish with a performance.

  • The Arts Festival Workshop is a 3 and 1/2 week series of day-camps held Monday through Friday.  They offer introductory to intermediate levels of performance study to 1st through 7th graders.  Click Here for information.
  • Showcase/Spotlight/Production Team is a 6-week workshop offering introductory to intermediate levels of technical theatre study for 6th graders.  Meeting times vary.   Click Here for information.

Tri-Cities Washington

Academy of Children's Theatre
213 Wellsian Way,
Richland, WA 99352

(509) 943 6027

Contact: Josh Darby, Artistic Director.
The Academy of Children's Theatre produces 5 Main Stage Productions a year that are audition based for students grades 4 through Adult. ACT's monthly classes feature age-appropriate material for every child. Students learn everything from the basics of theatre to the overall production of a live performance.

Saturday Classes— ACT offers classes almost every Saturday of the school year. These classes are themed around different theatrical and literary ideas. Classes available for children ages 3.5 to 18.

After School Classes & Performance Groups — ACT offers a variety of audition or script based groups.

Performance Groups — Performance groups are audition-only groups for actors or singers looking to hone their craft. Auditions take place in May and sometimes also in the fall if spaces are available. These groups are a school-year commitment.



Columbia Gorge School of Theatre (GA)
Mailing Address:

9215 NE 316th St
La Center, WA 98629
Camp Address:
0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd
Portland, OR 97219
(503) 367-2538

Jan James <>

Jesse Merz <>

Contacts: Jan James, Executive Director and Jesse Merz, Artistic Director.

Founded in 1997, the Columbia Gorge School of Theatre (CGST) is an actor training summer program for youth 8 to 18 who love theatre. Every year, The CGST seeks a professional staff made up of theatre artists and experienced professionals for its summer performing arts camp. Check their web page for details. Equity contracts are possible (CGST currently uses a Guest Artist Contract. See Ch.1: Partial Equity).

Northwest Children’s Theatre and School

1819 NW Everett Street

Portland, OR 97209-2189

Tel: (503) 222-2190 x 15


Contact  Carolyn Newsom, Education Director.  Northwest Children's Theatre provides performing arts education for youth ages 3 and 1/2 through 20.

  • School-Year Classes are held evenings and weekends for 9 to 10 weeks during fall, winter and spring terms for youth ages 3 to 18.  Click Here for information.
  • Summer Camps are full or half-day performance-based camps for ages 3-18. Sessions last either 1 or 2 weeks.  Click Here for information.
  • Second Stage is a series of 5 skills and performance-based programs designed to provide advanced training to students: 
    • Kid’s Company NW is a touring troupe for actors ages 8-14.  Participants must attend NWCT's season auditions in June.  Potential students are invited to a callback audition in September.  Rehearsals are on Saturday mornings from September to November, plus 1 week of evening rehearsals prior to tour. The tour of 16 performances runs from April until May. Performance venues, dates and times vary.  Click Here for information.
    • KidsPro NW is a year-round series of skills and performance-based workshops and events for ages 11-15.  Participation is contingent upon a successful audition in June.  Students accepted into the program meet in September to finalize the dates and times of the workshops and the events.  Click Here for information.
    • Teens NW is a performance-based program for ages 15-18. Participation is dependent upon a successsful audition in June. Callback auditions are held in fall, winter and spring for each specific performance.  Classes meet twice a week after school for 2 months. A performance takes place at the end of the final month.  Click Here for information.
    • Interns NW is a 6-month intensive certificate program for ages 15-19. Prospective interns must audition, fill out an application, provide recommendations and be interveiwed in order to be considered.  Participants must have a flexible school schedule, as rehearsals take place during school hours.   Click Here for more information.
    • Summer Nights! is a 4 week summer musical theatre intensive for ages 12-18.  Participation is based on a successful audition.  Auditions are held in June.  Two 4-week sessions are offered and each session meets in the evenings from Monday through Friday.  Click Here for information.  

(See Ch.1 Theatres: Partial Equity Theatre, Children's Theatre) 

Oregon Children’s Theatre
Studios and Offices:
1939 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232

Theatre Address:
Newmark & Winningstad Theaters
1111 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97205

Tel: (503) 228-9571
Instagram: octportland

Contact:  Dani Baldwin, Education Director. 

Oregon Children's Theatre produces 5 professional plays for children and families each year. OCT casts age-appropriately (youth for youth roles, adults for adult roles) and all actors are paid.Oregon Children's Theatre offers performing arts education to youth ages 4-18.

  • Year-Round Programs include performance and skills-based classes held after school on weekdays and Saturday mornings or afternoons.  Each class has a demonstration or performance at the end of the session.  Year-round classes for pre-school aged youth are offered on weekdays in the mid-to-late afternoons.  All sessions are 8 weeks long. Click link for more information:

  • Summer Programs are either 1 week or 2 week day-camps with a performance at the end of the session.  Several camps are offered through out the summer.
  • The OCT Young Professional Company produces 3 shows a season by teens for teens at our studio location. Click link for more information:
  • Home School curriculum and classes are available for ages 4-18 upon request.

(See Ch. 1 Theatres:  Children's Theatre, Community Theatre, Musical Theatre, & Partial Equity Theatre)


Greater Oregon

Columbia Gorge School of Theatre 

1381 Snowden Road
White Salmon WA 98672 USA

Toll-Free: 1-(800) 405-3450
Tel: (509) 493-1213
Fax: (509) 493-1501

The Columbia Gorge School of  Theatre (CGST) is a summer-only performance arts camp for ages 8-18.  Full-day camps are offered Monday through Saturday in 2 or 4 week sessions.  Some sessions are overnight camps.   Click Here for information.

Actor's Cabaret of Eugene

ACE Youth Academy

996 Willamette Street
Eugene, OR 97401
Tel: (541) 683-4368

Contact  Joe Zingo, Artistic Director.  Actor's Cabaret of Eugene offers a variety of performing arts classes for children 5 and older through their ACE Youth Academy. 

  • Programs immerse youth in a working theatre environment and include experiences in acting, directing, set building, lighting, costumes, props and more.  All  programs culminate in a fully staged production.
  • For future class descriptions, dates, prices, age ranges or availability, please contact the ACE box office.