Facebook is an internet site where users create profiles containing personal data such as interests, activities and contact information.  Users can share photos and videos, post status updates, exchange messages and follow the activities of special interest groups from artists and entertainers to political and cultural organizations. 


Free Publicity through Facebook

1.  Post regular updates on your project, as well as plenty of reminders of the date, time, and place of your event.  Encourage your cast and crew member to do the same.


2.  Create a page for your event.  Click “events,” “create an event,” and fill out the form provided.  Invite all of the guests that you can.


Paid Advertising through Facebook

1.  Go to the “Facebook Ads” page at www.facebook.com/advertising

or, if you have a Facbook account, click on “advertising” at the bottom of your wall page. 

2.  On the "Facebook Ads" screen, click “visit our Guide to Facebook Ads” to get started or watch the video to learn more.