In a Supporting Role: Voice and Video Demos

(See also Commercial Actor: Voice Over Production Companies)

Western Washington

Audio Logic Inc.

12047 31st Ave NE

Seattle, WA 98125

(206) 817.8760

Contact: Jay Kenny.

Audio Logic is a recoding studio that specializes in voice over work in English and foreign languages. They accept audio demo submissions for their bookings.

Avast! Recording Company

601 NW 80th St.

Seattle, Wa 98117

(206) 633-3926

Actors can produce their voice demo through this company. See site for latest rates. For best results, the sound engineer recommends that an actor book a 2-hour session using a well-rehearsed script.

Kostov Productions
At Whispering Winds Ranch

(206) 652.5738
(206) 755-0050

Contact: Michael Kostov, Executive Producer.
Kostov Productions is accepting submissions from voice and on-camera talent. Email headshot and resume with an audio and/or video demo link to a Youtube or personal website to


Production House Media

Seattle, WA 98133

Production House creates audio demo reels for actors. This company has packages for a range of budgets. (See Ch. 3 Commercial Actor: Voice-Over Production Companies)

Veronica Weikel & Steve Mitchell (AFTRA)

(360) 863-6298

Contacts: Veronica Weikel or Steve Mitchell.
Weikel and Mitchell specialize in voice-over coaching, and demo production. In addition, they offer private instruction in TV/radio voice-over, audition and cold reading techniques.



610 SW 17th Avenue
Portland, OR 97205

(503) 238-4525
(503) 236-8347

Launched in 1953, REX offers a high value, customized audio, video and post production experience. REX is a full-service audio and video post-production house.