Contact Us: New Applicants to The Actor’s Handbook

Before the internet, The Actor’s Handbook was a resource book for actors new to town or new to the trade.  Between 1987 and 1999, seven editions were published.  Essentially, the book was about how to get work in Seattle and find out about auditions. However, with Theatre Puget Sound (TPS) and the internet, the book form became obsolete.

TPS does not list vetted teachers.  The Actor’s Handbook always vetted teachers, who had qualifications, teaching ability and ethical standards. If you have not been in The Actor’s Handbook and would like to apply, there is a strict vetting process.  Here is what is involved:

  • Resume and/or portfolio
  • Two letters of recommendation from past or present students
  • An observation of your class by one of the staff at The Actor’s Handbook

We are looking for experienced teachers who are committed to teaching.  Professional experience as a performer is not unimportant, but our priorities are your ability to teach.

We also list studios (e.g. acting, movement, dance).  However, the studios need to be up and running with a fairly good track record. 

I would like to clear up a few common misconceptions about The Actor’s Handbook. 

  1. There is no charge to be in the book. It is not publicly funded, nor sponsored by any professional organization.  I am the editor and I have editorial control.  I am writing this for the actors, not as free advertising for the teachers.
  2. Friends and people I know can recommend new teachers; however, I make the final decision.
  3. A visit to observe your teaching is a must for new applicants.
  4. Generally teachers write their own “blurbs”; I like simple, straight- forward  prose

If you would like to apply to be in  The Actor’s Handbook, please fill out the contact form below.


Ellen Taft

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