Theatre Puget Sound (TPS)

P.O. Box 19643

Seattle, WA 98109

(206) 770-0370

[email protected]


Contact:  Shane Regan, Programs/Members Associate.

Theatre Puget Sound is a consortium of professional theatres, fringe theatres and individual members. TPS offers services for actors and production companies in Seattle.

  • The TPS website and list-serve announces audition notices and up-to-the-minute news for actors, theatres and filmmakers.
  •   Each year in February or March, TPS hosts regional, general auditions for TPS members and Actor’s Equity Association (AEA Union) members. A number of regional theatres and casting directors attend.
  • Online profiles are provided for all members to upload headshots and resumes. Profiles are visible to people searching for talent.
  • TPS rents inexpensive rehearsal space at The Armory in Seattle Center.
  • TPS has a discount theatre ticket program with all member theatres.
  • TPS funds and administers the annual Gregory Awards to honor dedicated theatre practitioners in Washington State and our region.


Portland Area Theatre Alliance (PATA)

1507 Morrison Street

Portland, OR  97205

(971) 803-7712

[email protected]


Contact:  Board member or part-time staff listed on the website.  Portland Area Theatre Alliance is a consortium of over 80 theatre companies and hundreds of individual artists.

  • PATA holds 3 days of annual auditions where actors, singers, and dancers can be seen and heard by dozens of theatre producers at once.
  • Online profiles are provided for all members to upload head shots and resumes.  Profiles are visible to people searching for talent.
  • PATA sponsors an annual city-wide festival of new works every January.


Northern California

Theatre Bay Area(TBA)

870 Market St. #375

San Francisco CA 94102

(415) 430-1140

[email protected]


Contact:  Claire Rice,
Membership Associate.  Theatre Bay Area is an organization of professional and fringe theatres, individual actors, dancers, and patrons as well as associated businesses offering services to performing artists and theatres in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Members have access to the daily online calendar, audition and event listings.
  • Every year in February, TBA hosts general auditionsfor TBA members and Equity actors.  A number of theatre and casting directors attend these auditions.
  • nline profiles are provided for all members to upload headshots and resumes.  Profiles are visible to people searching for talent.
  • BA maintains a website and several publications which include local, national and international theatre resources, news, auditions, theatre job opportunities and more.
  • Members also receive discounts on tickets, workshops, publicity services, health and dental insurance and more.



Theatre Communications Group (TCG)

520 8th Avenue, 24th floor

New York, NY 10018-4156

(212)-609-5900 x  249

[email protected]


Contact:  Rebecca Marzalek-Kelly,
Membership Coordinator.  Theatre Communications Group is an organization that facilitates the communication of the theatre industry’s ideas and news between individual artists, fringe, professional, and university theatres as well as theatre organizations and affiliated businesses.  TCG facilitates communication by:

  • Developing a range of conferences, studies and forums which provide opportunities for training, research and networking.
  • Cultivating the availability of funds for artists and theatres through philanthropic partnerships.
  • Maintaining and offering discounts to members on publications such as American Theatre magazine, ARTSEARCH, TGC Bulletin,Field Letter, Centerpiece and the Membership Directory.  Each publication has specialized, up-to-date information regarding the art and business of theatre.
  • Representing and advocating for artists and theatres in both the federal and state legislation regarding issues that effect the arts.
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