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Deaf Spotlight Presents

P.O. BOX 20191

Seattle, WA 98102

[email protected]

Contact: Ryan Schlecht, Artistic Director

Founded in 2011, Deaf Spotlight is a non-profit organization serving the Deaf community, fostering artistic and cultural awareness and experience in a variety of areas including cinema, literature, visual arts and performing arts. Deaf Spotlight inspires, encourages, and showcases creative works of, by, and for Deaf people in the Pacific Northwest through events that celebrate Deaf culture and American Sign Language.

Begun in 2013 and continuing every odd year, Deaf Spotlight Presents will produce a theatrical show or a festival featuring works written by Deaf playwrights. Deaf Spotlight will hire Deaf directors and Deaf cast to bring the story onto the stage. Not only that, the technical and backstage crew (Deaf and/or people who are fluent in ASL) will be hired to support the production.

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