Education: Public Speaking Skills

Ellen Taft (ADVS)

(206) 323-6983

Email:  [email protected]


Ellen Taft works with both native and non-native speakers of English on public speaking skills, from editorial help with the text to developing the voice through relaxation techniques, breath support, articulation and alignment.  Taft has experience working with scientific and high-tech professionals as well as actors, teachers and social workers.  Taft works with many foreign-born professionals and is conversant with the different varieties of English, so she can also help “translate” British English into American English.  Taft has an Advanced Diploma of Voice Studies (ADVS) from the Central School of Speech and Drama in London and a Certificate of Teaching English as a Foreign Language from International House, also in London. Taft has directed American students and actors in German and Spanish language plays and has given many lectures and presentations in German and French.  As an actor, she has also performed in Spanish and French.

Gin Hammond (MFA)

(646) 283-8033


Gin Hammond teaches voice and public speaking.  She has an MFA in acting from The American Repertory Theatre Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University/Moscow Art Theatre where she was a student of Catherine Fitzmaurice.  She was certified as an associate teacher at Fitzmaurice Voicework in 2006.  (See Speaking Voice, Accents & Dialects and Public Speaking)

Michael J. Loggins

(206) 819-2476

Email:  [email protected]

A graduate of London’s Academy of Music and Drama (LAMDA), Michael J.  Loggins is a veteran actor with numerous credits in stage, film and TV, who works on public speaking and presentation skills with both native speakers of English and non-natives, who need Accent Reduction.   He works on breathing, relaxation , alignment and articulation using improvisational techniques. ( see Speaking Voice and Stage Dialects)


Judith Shahn

(206) 650-6270

Email: [email protected]


Judy Shahn is a designated Linklater teacher (certified in 1991) Ms. Shahn taught at the University of Washington’s PATP program, Cornish College of the Arts and at most of Seattle’s theatres as well as for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  Shan specializes in voice production for the actor: freeing the voice, increasing range and power.;  She works with many professionals and lawyers on public speaking skills.  (see Speaking Voice, Accent Reduction and Stage Dialects)



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