In a Supporting Role: Volunteering-Seattle

It’s a rare theatre that does not welcome volunteers; so if a company is not listed still contact them about your interest. The following descriptions are excerpted and quoted from a select few theaters’ websites. Have Fun!


5th Avenue Theatre

1308 5th Avenue

Seattle, WA. 98101

(206) 625-1900

[email protected]

Contact: Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteering for The 5th Avenue Theatre both supports The 5th and is a great way to earn tickets to select performances. The 5th wants to make volunteering there a rewarding experience—one where you can use your talents and skills and share your love of theater. Volunteer opportunities include: Will Call, Front Desk, Show Talks with Albert Evans (free pre-show talks), Administrative Needs, Special Events, Marketing to the Community, and Ushering. For some of our volunteer tasks there are opportunities to earn credits toward tickets for select performances.

Visit The 5th’s webpage for a detailed list of how to get involved. Email the Volunteer Coordinator if you are interested in being placed on their waiting list.

ACT (A Contemporary Theatre)

700 Union St.

Seattle, WA 98101-4037

(206) 292.7660, x1060

[email protected]

Contact: Volunteer Coordinator

ACT has a broad range of tasks available to its volunteers, appealing to whatever ability or interest you bring to the table: volunteer ushering, helping with mailings and administrative tasks, staffing parties and galas, projects involving our historic building, distributing materials and acting as an ambassador for ACT, . . . and more! Perks for volunteers include an annual appreciation event, discounts or passes to attend our productions, and other benefits.

To add your name to the growing volunteer pool, please contact ACT using the listed phone number or email.

Annex Theatre

Mailing Address:

Annex Theatre

PMB 1440

1122 East Pike Street

Seattle, WA 98122-3934

Physical Address:

1100 E. Pike St.

(11th Ave. at E. Pike St.)

Seattle, WA 98122

(206) 728- 0933

[email protected]

Contact: Company Manager, Consult Staff Directory

If you want to engage your imagination and get your hands dirty, there are many ways to get involved with Annex Theatre contact the Company Manager to chat about what’s available and also subscribe to their newsletter to stay in touch with the company.

Volunteers earn free tickets to see shows. You can support a show by:

  • Running box office for a night
  • Helping build a set or sew costumes for a few hours
  • Tending bar (we can help you get a bartending license!)

You can help with the show directly by:

Acting in a show — Annex holds auditions for every production. Join their backstage list, through which you’ll be notified about impending auditions.

Designing for a show — Every production needs a set designer, a lighting designer, a costume designer, a sound designer, and more. If you have skills in this area and would like to be considered for an upcoming show, contact Annex Theatre.

Joining the production crew — Less visible than the actors but just as crucial are the production crew: Stage managers, technical operators, backstage crew, and often more. Aside from the stage manager, this is often a smaller commitment than acting or designing, and can be an excellent way for the less experienced to learn new skills and make connections.

Proposing a Project to Annex Theatre — Every spring, Annex Theatre chooses its production slate for the following year. In late April, a Request For Proposals (RFP) is made available on the website and elsewhere. Proposals can be for a scripted play; for a work in development; for an ensemble-generated who-knows-what; or anything else that sounds compelling and you think you can persuade the Annex Company—the body of artists and technicians who make Annex Theatre function—to produce. Questions about proposals should be sent to Annex’s Artistic Director.

ArtsWest Playhouse & Gallery

4711 California Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98116

(206) 938-0963 x 124

[email protected]

Contact: Tina Yu

ArtsWest always in need of ushers and other volunteers for our current shows. If you have compatible skills or would like to learn some new ones, you may be interested in one of the following positions here at ArtsWest Playhouse & Gallery. Positions include: usher, gallery greeters, office help, scene shop, and board members. The only thing they ask of you is to please ensure that you have an email address so that we can communicate with you.

Our Volunteer Ushers help us make sure that the show runs as smooth as possible. If you are interested in ushering for our shows, and have an email address, please contact Tina Yu.

Book-It Repertory

Seattle Center House

305 Harrison Street

Seattle, WA 98109

Tel: (206) 216.0877

[email protected]

Contact: House Manager/Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteering opportunities include ushering, administrative support, and special events.

Discounted Rush tickets: Best available seats one half-hour before curtain for $10 (cash only, please.)

Discounts announced on Social Media: Find out about last minute deals, discounts, and special events by following Book-It on social media. Find links on their webpage.

Broadway Bound Children’s Theatre

5031 University Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

(206) 526-5437

[email protected]

Contact Broadway Bound for details.

Freehold Theatre

2222 Second Avenue, Suite 200

Seattle, WA 98121

(206) 323-7499


Freehold needs volunteers at various times during the year and in various capacities. In September, FT hosts a fall open house and distribute class information. Each February, Freehold hosts the annual Studio Series, and begins preparations for our annual fundraiser in June. In July, Freehold produces the Engaged Theatre Project which tours to various locations around Seattle.

For all of these events and activities, volunteers are needed! If you are interested in flyer distribution, front-of-house work, organizing an event, and/or helping with mailings, please call or use their contact page.

Volunteers Needed:

September – Fall Open House, Class Registration

February – Studio Series

March – Freehold Faculty Showcase and Benefit

March – Spring Class Registration (assist with distributing brochures)

June – Freehold Annual Auction

June – Summer Class Registration (assist with distributing brochures)

July – Engaged Theatre Summer Tour

August – Fall Class Registration (assist with distributing brochures)


PO Box 9594

Seattle, WA 98109

(206) 748-1551

Contact GreenStage for details.

Jet City Improv

Wing-It Productions

5510 University Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

(206) 352-8291

Email form:

Interested in being a part of the Jet City Improv family? Volunteer positions include: Ushering, selling tickets (box office), selling popcorn (concessions stand), and bar tending. Besides the satisfaction of making magic, here’s what you get:

  • A seat to watch shows in-progress when all your duties are done
  • Free admission for you and a guest to any show that you’re not working (as long as seats are available)
  • A discount on tuition to our improv classes (equal to $10 off tuition per shift volunteered, up to about half-off)

The minimum commitment for volunteering with JCI is at least 3 shows (out as many as 26) per month for at least three months. Consult the Frequently Asked Questions on webpage for more information and application form.


The Behnke Center for Contemporary Performance

100 West Roy Street

Seattle, WA 98119

( 206) 217-9886

[email protected]

[email protected]

Free tickets through The Ticket Bank

Contact: House Manager

The Ticket Bank. OtB wishes to break down barriers such as ticket prices to seeing their shows and broaden the conversation.

OtB started the Ticket Bank in an effort to make its art experiences more inclusive. The Ticket Bank gives people the opportunity to buy extra tickets for other audience members, and allows potential audience members to claim tickets for free. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Sign-up to receive tickets online or at the Box Office. More details on how the Ticket Bank works on OtB’s webpage.

Show Volunteers. There is no successful show without volunteers. Volunteers help direct OtB’s patrons to the right place, assist bartenders, clean the theater & collect tickets. That’s it! Volunteers can hang out, chat with guests and other volunteers and OtB promises not to make you wear any stuffy vests!

Volunteers get a free ticket to shows—including sold out shows — and a free drink ticket.

Send an email to sign-up for the volunteer mailing list. OtB will contact you with upcoming opportunities, and you’ll be able to choose dates that work with your schedule.

Studio Suppers Volunteers. OtB is looking for volunteers with food and wine experience. Read more about OtB’s Studio Suppers and if interested email send them an email.

ReACT: The Repertory Actors Theatre

1122 E Pike Street #1111

Seattle WA 98122

Contact: David Hsieh

(206) 364-3283

[email protected]

Visit ReACT’s Opportunities page for latest details for how to get involved.

Seattle Children’s Theatre

201 Thomas St

Seattle Center

Seattle, WA 98109

Volunteer Coordinator: Tammy Hase.

(206) 859-4013

[email protected]

Contact: Tammy Hase, Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers: join the SCT family as a member of the SCT Supporters!

By volunteering with Seattle Children’s Theatre, you’ll have the opportunity to see SCT’s plays, experience behind-the-scene tours, and observe (maybe even participate in) drama workshops. Depending on the position, SCT takes volunteers starting at age 8, as long as accompanied by an adult. See website for specific position descriptions and training requirements.

Commitment. For Ushering, SCT encourages volunteers to usher at least once per show, and require a minimum of 12 hours (4 shows) during the season. For Classroom Assistants – 1 hour per week for 10 weeks.

Volunteer positions include: ushers, classroom assistants, administrative assistance, special events, and outreach. To sign up to join the SCT Supporters contact their Volunteer Coordinator.

Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society

Crown Hill Center, G & S Suite

9250 14th Avenue NW

Seattle, WA 98117-2306

(206) 682-0796

[email protected]

Each year volunteers contribute hundreds of hours to help create a Gilbert & Sullivan show that is one of the best in the world. Here is the opportunity to participate in the creation and production of a superior theatrical experience, work with talented and gracious artists, get paint and gunk on your body & clothes, sustain small injuries like splinters and banged thumbs, and say, “It’s my production too!” Please help SGSS organize its volunteer program by letting it know early what YOU would like to do, so SGSS can see where their needs are met and where more help is needed.

Opportunities include: fund-raising, facilities maintenance/cleanup, concession sales during show, merchandise sales during show, concession sales at event, merchandise sales at event, box office, set painting, moving sets, envelope stuffing/bundling, event setup/cleanup, membership table during show, set construction, general front house assistance, and other help.

Begin by filling out the online form.

Seattle Public Theatre

7312 W. Greenlake Dr. N.

Seattle, WA 98103

(206) 523-1370

[email protected]

Contact: Front of House Manager.

Whether you have an hour a year or an hour a day, there are many opportunities for getting involved with Seattle Public Theater and supporting its mission of making live theater an integral part of life in Seattle.

Board Members. The Seattle Public Theater Board of Directors is seeks new board members. SPT’s mission of creating community through the performing arts includes an award-winning professional Mainstage season and a lively youth theater program, located at the Bathhouse Theater at Green Lake. The SPT Board is looking for creative, resourceful volunteers who have a passion for theater, a sense of adventure, great team spirit and a desire to actively participate in our organizational growth. Ideally, such individuals would be well-connected in the community, with strong relationship-building skills and a commitment to the arts. SPT is particularly interested in people with experience or a background in human resources, law, education/school networks, development or connections with regional and local businesses.

General Opportunities. General volunteer opportunities include helping at SPT’s annual Gala with set-up, service, and check-in. During the production season, volunteers roles include: usher, concessions/merchandise sales, volunteer coordination, and poster distribution. For details email the Front of House Manager.

Seattle Repertory Theatre

155 Mercer Street

Seattle Center

Seattle, WA. 98109

General Volunteering: (206) 443-2210

[email protected]

SRO membership: 206.443.2202 x1105

[email protected].

General Volunteering

Seattle Repertory Theatre invites you to be part of a community of volunteers that plays a vital role in putting art on our stages. Volunteers provide integral support by ushering for shows in the Leo K. Theatre, assisting with administrative and event support, and by serving as members of the Seattle Repertory Organization.

Seattle Repertory Theatre offers several ways to volunteer: usher (assist patrons with seating, programs and general customer service). SRT maintains one of the most active volunteer arts organizations in the nation: Seattle Repertory Organization (SRO).

Volunteers get to see shows for free. For more information on volunteering, please contact [email protected].

Seattle Repertory Organization

The Rep sponsors one of the largest and most active volunteer theatre organizations in the nation: the Seattle Repertory Organization (SRO).

Volunteering in the SRO allows volunteers to see and do even more with Seattle Repertory Theatre. SRO Volunteers: • meet the actors • talk with the directors • tour theaters in other cities like London and New York • work on special projects • staff The Shop at the Rep • help fundraise.

Other ways SRO volunteers support the Rep include: helping the Spotlight interviews and luncheons from behind the scenes, raising funds, staffing The Shop at the Rep, serving on the Fruit and Cookies Brigade which brings snacks for actors and crew during Tech Week and at educational events and receptions, supporting the Rep’s Intern Program as an Intern Angel, assisting with special events and opening nights, working with the admin staff and Box Office for mailings and other projects, traveling and touring other theatres in the world, helping to produce the monthly newsletter, and attending C.A.V.O.R.T.—the biennial national Conference About Volunteers Of Regional Theatre (CAVORT).

To start participating in the SRO call or email The Rep. The SRO coordinator will ask you about your interests, skills and talents and share some upcoming opportunities.

Seattle Shakespeare Company/Wooden O

P.O. Box 19595

Seattle, WA 98109-1595

(206) 733-8228

Contact: Volunteer Coordinator

Seattle Shakespeare Company/Wooden O (SSC) serves thousands of attendees and students across Washington State each year through our indoor, outdoor, and touring performances as well as through its innovative education programs.

Wooden O

Wooden O needs volunteer ushers this summer for our free Wooden O shows in the parks. Sign up, help out, and enjoy the show!

They will be in parks throughout the region, so be sure to check the specific city and venue for each date when you sign up.

Please sign up for Volunteer Ushering for Wooden O – here’s how it works in 3 easy steps … continued online

Seattle Shakespeare Company

The collaborative effort that makes SSC’s programs possible draws on a kaleidoscope of skill sets and levels of support. Each season audience, board members, donors, volunteers, students, actors, directors, designers, staff, and interns make SSC a community that is hundreds strong.

SSC does its best to find a good fit with your interests and their needs. Complete the online volunteer sign-up for and contact the volunteer coordinator to follow-up. Ushering shifts are assigned on a show-by-show basis, and the schedule is finalized at least one month prior to the start of the production. Volunteers interested in ushering/bar tending will receive a copy of guidelines that must be signed and returned to the House Manager prior to their first shift. Consult calendar on SSC’s website for details.

Taproot Theatre

204 N. 85th Street

Seattle, WA 98103

Volunteer hotline: 206.529.3646

[email protected]

Ushers and Mailing Crews: Consult the website for details. Then mail in the form or call the volunteer hotline for more information.

The Citiroots Team: If you love Taproot plays and find yourself telling everyone you know about them, consider joining Taproot’s Citiroots volunteer program. As a participant, you will get the inside scoop on Taproot productions by sitting in on rehearsals. Plus, you’ll receive marketing posters and postcards to post at businesses in your neighborhood. If you are interested in becoming a Citiroots volunteer, contact Josh Krupke at [email protected].

Theater Schmeater

Mailing Address

300 Lenora #161, Seattle, WA 98121

Performance Address:

2125 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

(206) 324-5801

[email protected]

Contact The Schmee for details about volunteering.



Kirkland Arts Center

Mailing Address:

620 Market Street

Kirkland, WA 98033

(425) 822-7161 x 108

[email protected]

Contact: Volunteer Manager

Kirkland Arts Center is a volunteer-fueled organization! KAC welcomes volunteers of all interests and backgrounds to learn and interact with artists, educators, and other volunteers in a fun, informal, and educational environment.

Volunteer opportunities include short-term and long-term responsibilities such as Classroom Assistant, Camp Assistant, Grounds Care and Facilities Volunteer, Administrative Assistance, and Gallery Assistant.

Volunteer Orientation is required in order to participate in ongoing volunteer activities. Orientation is by appointment only. Please fill out the online volunteer application and then call the Volunteer Manager to set up your orientation appointment.


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