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Seattle Website Designers

On The Brink Designs

Web Designer: Brian Rink

P.O. Box 519

Seattle, WA 98111

Tel: (206) 251-2055

Email: [email protected]


Mon-Fri 9:00am-6:00pm

Brian offers a unique design perspective, merging his experience in theatre lighting design with visual design for the Web. He provides high quality solutions that are effective, creative, and easy to use. From website packages to total management plans, his goal is to increase the usability and profitability of your website. All work is guaranteed 100%.  Brian has worked with many arts organizations, including designing the Website for The Actor’s Handbook. Visit website for more information.

Prop Weaponry and Fight Choreography

Fight Designer, LLC

Kevin Inouye,
Sole Proprietor.
Fight Designer, LLC is a Seattle based supplier of weapons and related props for theatrical productions, independent films, photographers, and anyone else needing safe, attractive, functional weapon props. Sole Proprietor Kevin Inouye also provides related services as a fight designer, stunt consultant, gun wrangler, and actor.


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