Commercial Actor: Extras Agencies

Western Washington

Big Fish NW Talent (SAG-AFTRA)

Business Office:

217 N. 9th Street

Cheney, WA 99004

(877) 424-4347


Contact: Elyse Sevener, Extras Talent, ext. 4

Founded in 1996, Big Fish NW Talent is a Spokane talent agency and a Seattle talent agency covering the Washington, Idaho and Oregon markets. Big Fish accepts submission for representation from all ages and types. Big Fish has provided extras for innumerable film, television, commercial and corporate projects throughout the Pacific Northwest.

To be represented through Big Fish NW Talent Representation for non-principal character work, which can mean print work and extra work, you will need to complete profiles in two (2) free online portfolio services. Visit Big Fish’s how to access extra work page for links and more details. Big Fish recommends independent professional photographers and photo reproduction services on their web site should you need them. Big Fish does not offer these services itself. No follow-up calls please. (See main entry in Ch. 3: Union Franchised Talent Agencies).


Eastern Washington

Big Fish NW Talent (SAG-AFTRA)

Spokane Acting Division & Business Office

217 N. 9th Street

Cheney, WA 99004-2305

See listing above under Western Washington.



Actors in Action, LLC (SAG-AFTRA)

323 NE Wygant Street, Suite 203

Portland, Oregon 97211

(503) 780-7555

[email protected]

Contact: Damon R. Jones, Talent Agent.

Founded in 1998, Actors in Action accepts submissions from all types of actors ages 5 and up. AIA promotes talent for principal and extra work in film, TV, video, voice-over, print, and more.

AIA conducts periodic on-camera acting and auditioning skills workshops for new actors. AIA also has open call auditions posted on their website and social media. AIA prefers to represent available talent (ages 8 and up) living in the NW. Full submission information posted on their website. Follow-up calls are welcome.(See main listing: Ch. 3: Commercial Actors, Union Franchised Agencies)


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