Commercial Actor: Voice-Over Production Companies

Western Washington

Scott Burns

(425) 501-0126

[email protected]

Scott offers individual sessions either in his studio or via Skype which are structured to accommodate your particular desires. Enhanced auditioning, performance techniques and marketing tips top the list of services provided. Sessions are recorded with instructor’s comments for private review and delivered in mp3 format to your email via a file transfer service. You will work with an engineer, learn proper microphone technique, studio etiquette, break down and analyze copy as well as gain insight on what is required to be successful in the voiceover industry.

Scott also offers workshops on the basics of what it takes to enter the voiceover industry… from training, setting up a home studio, demos to marketing your talents.

Kostov Productions

At Whispering Winds Ranch

(206) 652.5738

(206) 755-0050

[email protected]

Contact: Michael Kostov, Executive Producer.

Kostov Productions is accepting submissions from voice and on-camera talent. Email headshot and resume with an audio and/or video demo link to a Youtube or personal website to [email protected].

Production House Media

904 N. 104th St.

Seattle, WA 98133

(206) 854-1833

[email protected]

Production House Media is currently accepting audio submissions.  Send your resume, headshot (optional) and audio demo reel as a CD or DVD via regular mail to John Nold.   (See Ch. 5 In a Supporting Role: Voiceover Demos.)

Pure Audio Inc.

2908 1st Ave

Seattle, WA. 98121

(206) 728-6300

[email protected]

Contact: Kathy Levin, Studio Director.

Pure Audio, manages all phases of audio production, including: talent casting, sound design, dialog direction, voice-over recording,   SAG-AFTRA union payroll services, and original music creation. Pure Audio accepts submissions from voice talent. Email audio demo (MP3 format) and resume to Kathy Levin.



Digital One

2112 SW 1st Ave, #100

Portland Or, 97201

(503) 228-3441

(503) 224-7413

[email protected]

Digital One is accepting submissions from voice talent. Email audio demo (MP3 format), headshot (optional) and resume.

In Both Ears

1224 SE Malden St

Portland, OR 97202

PDX: (503) 892-8833

SEA: (206) 375-8371

SFO: (415) 689-8537

LAX: (310) 279-0713

[email protected]

Contact: Sam Roberts, Agent and Ashley Mason, Talent Liaison.

In Both Ears represents over 200 world-class voice talent in the US and abroad, plus more than 300 ethnic, foreign language, and youth talent. In Both Ears promotes their talent for voiceovers world-wide, including foreign language, and children’s work.

Please visit and submit your demo plus the two audition reads. Please allow two weeks before following-up.


610 SW 17th Avenue

Portland, OR 97205

(503) 238-4525

(503) 236-8347

[email protected]

Launched in 1953, REX offers a high value, customized audio, video and post production experience. REX is a full-service audio and video post-production house.

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