Commercial Actor: Variety Artist Agencies

Western Washington

Big Fish NW Talent (SAG/AFTRA)

Business Office:

217 N. 9th Street

Cheney, WA 99004

(877) 424-4347


Talent submission information:


Seattle Talent: Melissa Baldauf, ext. 3

Spokane Talent: Dawn Taylor Reinhardt, ext. 6

Extras Talent: Elyse Sevener, ext. 4

Founded in 1996, Big Fish NW Talent is a Spokane talent agency and a Seattle talent agency covering the Washington, Idaho and Oregon markets. Big Fish is a full service agency for models, actors, spokesmodels, emcees, hypnotists, magicians, stand-up comics. (See main entry in Ch. 3: Union Franchised Talent Agencies).

ENTCO International, Inc./Lynnwood (AFTRA)

15913 20th Place W

Lynnwood, WA 98087

(425) 670-0888

[email protected] 

Contact: Terry Quick.

ENTCO is an event management company which schedules entertainment for parties, corporate meetings, conferences and much more. This agency is currently accepting submissions from all types of people ages 18 and up. No child submissions please. Click Here for submission information.  ENTCO is also looking for art activities artists, caricaturists, comedians, costume characters, multi-cultural groups, look-a-likes, music groups or singers, speakers, and staged shows (such as improv, murder mystery theatre, interactive theatre, etc.). (See main listing in Chapter 1, Union Franchised Agencies.)


Eastern Washington

Big Fish NW Talent (SAG/AFTRA)

Cheney, WA 99004-2305

See listing under Western Washington above.


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